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Home of the 10-Year Limited Warranty

We’re so committed to providing excellent customer service and craftsmanship, that we’re proud to provide you with a 10-Year Limited Warranty. We want it to be easy for you to understand your rights under this limited warranty and obtain service when necessary. The foundation of the McAdams Remodeling & Design service policy is our commitment to be your best home improvement alternative now, and in the future.

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40th Anniversary Video

Why We Love Water Everywhere

Wet rooms can be a great solution when remodeling a bathroom. Read on for when you should consider before implementing a wet room and when it might not be the ideal solution for your home....

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To Dos to Tackle in February

Addressing a few key tasks each month can keep your home in great shape and stressors at bay. Read the full post to see what you should focus on this month....

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Keeping it Glassy in the Shower

If you've been wondering what types of glass doors you've been considering for your shower, read on to find out the benefits of the different options....

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Post Remodel Must-Do Check List

Once the final construction walk-through is done and the punch list complete, a homeowner feels like the remodel is really done and the family can go back to life as normal - now with a beautiful home. That’s mostly true but here are a few more rec...

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"McAdams does a masterful job with communication. We had a family crisis right in the middle of the project. McAdams quickly and professional adjusted to our needs, for which we were grateful. The kitchen meets all of our expectations, it is beautiful and functions just as we envisioned. "

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